The Power Behind Overcoming Fear

Researcher are getting a handle on a big problem facing our children: fear is a huge issue for many children coming from trauma and neglect backgrounds where their needs were not met in consistent, nurturing ways in early… Read More

Meet the Need: Powerlessness

This blog entry is dedicated to my oldest son, age 21, who, until he was about 3, would, just as often as not, merely point and grunt for what he wanted, compelling his older sisters to carry him… Read More

Meet the Need: Accepting No

I don’t know anyone who likes to accept ‘no’ for an answer, do you? Even us parents get that internal churning feeling when we’re told no about something in the grown-up world. And let’s face it, all children want what… Read More

Meet the Need

Quite frankly, our children have a lot of issues they face daily. And they bring a lot of issue to the family. When we are trying to find the root cause of their pain, which is expressed through… Read More