Attachment to God?

One of the things I talk about with the families I serve is the attachment cycle, that built-in mechanism through which all infants learn about their world and their worth as a human being. Attachment is very important… Read More

Hidden Identity

You are of a chosen generation. You are feeling that in-between space which consists of where you once were and where you are going In Him. Look to God’s creation for inspiration here. Is it any wonder that… Read More

The Day of Awakening

People who are over-scheduled, over-worked and over-stressed are lethargic and not able to reach for much beyond the daily grind. I know this by watching people and by experiencing it myself at times. In the West, we’ve taken… Read More

Short term or long term parenting?

For many of us parents of children from hard places, we get overwhelmed with our child’s needs and can only think in the here and now, like changing behavior and avoiding more problems. Who can blame us? Being… Read More

Son (and daughter) ship

I often find myself astounded by the idea that I am a daughter of the Most High God – that I am a full partaker of His Covenant faithfulness (and its responsibilities) as an act of God as Spirit. God… Read More

Letting GO

Facebook is a source for some great memes. I love this one I saw today, perfect for September 1st! Here in Montana, the leaves are not changing colors yet, but the promise is in the air. Fall is… Read More