Letting GO

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Facebook is a source for some great memes. I love this one I saw today, perfect for September 1st! Here in Montana, the leaves are not changing colors yet, but the promise is in the air. Fall is my favorite time of year, perhaps as a throw-back to my southern roots because it gets so hot in Arkansas where I grew up and we all longed for cool relief. Maybe if I was a Montana native I wouldn’t love autumn so much, because it is a reminder of the frigid winters here.

But maybe I love autumn the best of all the seasons because somewhere deep in my spirit I recognize autumn for its themes of a final harvest before the dormant period. There is such rapid growth of life during the spring, development during the summer and first harvests, and then comes those amazing leaves in autumn which change color before falling to the ground. Winter provides a rest and snuggling in.

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.”  

What is God asking YOU to let go of this season? Just as tree leaves turn vibrant color as if to say, ‘pay attention to me’, perhaps there are things God is highlighting for you, in your life? God is asking me to let go of guilt and shame for things He has already forgiven me of that I repented of as a younger parent who did not know better. My children are now adults and I still try to carry guilt that is no longer mine to carry. God is highlighting that, and telling me to let it go as an act of honor for what Jesus/Y’shua did for me already with His Resurrection.

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Are you carrying guilt like this? Are there things the enemy whispers to you now that that you know better, about things you did when you didn’t know better? Here me in this, if you have already repented of it, that is not your voice of accusation. That is certainly not God’s voice. His conviction about unrepented sin comes with the promise of restoration and return to relationship with Him. He NEVER accuses you of things you are already forgiven of. We are not designed to look back on past actions we have repented of, and dwell on failures as if we will never rise above.

Is it time to let go of this kind of guilt and shame? Watch the leaves. See them turn bright colors. Watch them fall. And remember to let go.


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Father, today I ask forgiveness of all the negative and harmful words I have spoken about myself, all the times I listened to the enemy speak for me and for you. I thank you that you have forgive me of _______, and I will walk in that forgiveness from today forward. Help me experience your Presence in my life, to KNOW that I am forgiven. Let me use my thoughts and actions to honor the Forgiveness you have given me through Your Son.  I ask this in the merit and worth of Jesus/Y’shua, Who did so much for me. Amen.

Be Blessed,


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