And While I Wait

“Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength”  Isaiah 40:31

Can I be honest? I’m still waiting for my 21 year old, Russian-born sons to ‘come home’ and fully accept their sonship. I’m still waiting for them to give up the same enticements that led to their birth parents’ downfall and subsequent termination of parental rights. I won’t say more about that – that is their story, not mine to tell.

But I wait.

The Hebrew root for wait is qawa. It means “I wait, look for or hope with eager expectation”. This goes completely against our culture. Waiting is seen as weakness, a nothing of value in a world of do, do, do. But to wait in the Hebraic sense of the word is quite active.

The thing about this kind of waiting is that it is tied in with hope. Hope that God is active in their lives, even if I am not as active as I’d like to be. Hope that God as a plan for their lives, even if I, looking for perfection, can’t see the little progresses.

What are you hoping for? How long are you willing to wait before you give up on God to answer? Are you needing new strength for the road ahead, which looks so scary? Remember to wait for the LORD, and let Him give you the strength for the long haul.

Let’s wait together.

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