Family Coaching

It is because the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob sets the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6), that your child’s relational trauma is best healed within the context of relationship. Therefore, the family is uniquely qualified to bring the most help to children from hard places. Through family coaching, I help you build on what you are already doing well as a family. Sometimes it takes an outside set of eyes and ears to see these strengths amidst the chaos of the day to day struggles that we all have. Using your own family strengths, I guide you and your family into increased competence, commitment and confidence regarding the specific goals you set. Together we can find more ways to connect with your children and diffuse situations that have caused issues in the past.

We can explore the philosophy and practical application of TBRI in whichever ways you are most comfortable with, everyone learns differently. We can watch video clips, do role playing, and I can give one-on-one teachings. But no matter what, you will be able to take the information and make it workable for your unique family.

The services of this ministry are available at no $$ cost to families. Well, it may cost you giving up old ways of behaving and old patterns of thinking and exchanging them for those that are more aligned with the compassionate heart of our Father. This is what I had to do. But I will support you on this path.

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