The following are presentations I am available to offer your group or organization. If there are topics not listed, please let me know. I am adding to this all the time.
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“Suddenly Siblings”: Preparing your children for their new brother or sister. 

Summary: The sibling relationship is one of the longest-lasting relationships we will ever have. Parents often wonder how they can put this relationship on the right path, from the start. This hour-long presentation discusses the unique challenges that resident children face when the family adopts, and what they need from parents to thrive. Parents will receive specific, easy to impliment ideas to support a smooth and memorable transition for the children already in the family. Whether you plan on adopting, or have adopted with children already in the home, you will gain insight on what your resident child may be feeling and needing, and you will receive the tools to meet their needs proactively.
Gail Heaton, an adoptive mom and Molly Heaton, an adult ‘resident sibling’, are a mother-daughter speaking team who have walked this path before and understand the potential issues that can arise for children already in the home when adoption makes them ‘suddenly siblings’.
*Supporting Regulation in Your Child (Meet the need before the meltdown)
Summary: Imagine how great it would be to ‘catch’ your child before the meltdown or big behaviors and stop them in their tracts. In this hands-on presentation, you will learn and practice practical strategies to use to help your child be able to come back from the beginning of a dysregulated state into a calm and alert state. In other words, stop the fit before it happens. Come learn what it is in your child’s environment that is contributing to meltdowns and learn how to avoid them.
Other Speaking Topics I am available to present:
*Forgiveness in Jesus: When your parenting journey is not what you hoped for: Why and how to forgive yourself and your hurt child. 
We often come to foster or adoptive parenting with unspoken expectations about how we will be as parents and how our relationship with our children will be. When parenting the hurt child, sometimes reality is very different from what we thought it would be. In this presentation, I will candidly share my story of how I learned to forgive myself for my shortcomings and learned to forgive my hurt children for theirs. We’ll discuss the importance of forgiveness in the healing process – yourself and your child.
*Belonging to God’s Family: How to Support Your Child Who Still Feels Like An Orphan
This presentation includes specific strategies and activities you can do with your child to help them experience a greater feeling of belonging and family identity. Learn how God gives parents authority to overcoming a spirit of rejection in our children through the Word of God.
*Joy is Contageous: How to find God’s Joy for You and Let it Flow Through to Your Children
I often get asked by parents how they will know when their child is being healed from past hurts. I say that the family will experience joy again. Learn what this means from the scriptures and how you can facilitate joy in their life (and yours) again.
*We are not our shortcomings: Learn Your True Identity in Messiah
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