Suddenly Siblings

We are launching the newest project for foster and adoptive families. Keep checking back to see what we add, there is more to come! This is a project that is so close to my heart – “Suddenly Siblings”: Preparing your children for their new brother or sister

The sibling relationship is one of the longest-lasting relationships we will ever have. Parents often wonder how they can put this relationship on the right path, from the start. We now have a presentation that we can give to your group or organization that discusses the unique challenges that resident children face when the family adopts or fosters, and what the children need from parents to thrive. Parents will receive specific, easy to impliment ideas to support a smooth and memorable transition for the children already in the family. Whether you plan on adopting, or have adopted with children already in the home, you will gain insight on what your resident child may be feeling and needing, and you will receive the tools to meet their needs proactively.
Joining me for this presentation is my second oldest daughter, Molly Heaton, herself an adult ‘resident sibling’. Molly has much insight and wisdom to share with parents. We both have walked this path before and we understand the potential issues that can arise for children already in the home when adoption makes them ‘suddenly siblings’.
Use the Get In Touch tab to learn more about how we can bring this training to you.
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