Suddenly Siblings: Support for Children Already in the Home

Foster and adoptive parents receive training on how to support the new children coming into the home, but the ones already in the home (resident siblings) are usually overlooked in these trainings which aren’t designed with their unique needs in mind. Now parents have specific support and training for your resident children, and the kids do too!

Resident children are any children already in the home when a family fosters or adopts. This can include prior foster or adopted children as well as biological children. We believe that it is so vital to support this population that we have created resources specifically for these children in mind. In fact, we have a specially designed website just for the siblings!

Equip your child for a smooth transition.

Resident children often have unrealistic expectations for how easy it will be to add a new foster or adopted sibling to the family. Now they can be prepared for the real changes they may experience.

They can have the coping skills they’ll need to make the transition easier. They can be more prepared for how fostering or adoption affects them personally. You are just one click away from more support for your family and especially the ones who become

Suddenly Siblings™